17 Jun 2019

Considerations when organising a business conference

A successful business conference event takes precise and advanced planning, all whilst appearing effortless to the attendees. There are many considerations organisations should think about when choosing a venue, some of which are not immediately obvious.

To start with organisers should think of attendees’ requirements in addition to their own.


Consider the number of attendees and whether the event space itself can hold an appropriate capacity. Question how the seating plan will look in the room, as a large room will not suit a small event and may make engagement between attendees difficult.

And, identify the duration of the event and ensure comfortable seating arrangements are available to allow people to feel at ease.

In addition, a venue’s location makes an impact from an aesthetic standpoint, as a picturesque setting will make a huge impact on the event’s atmosphere.

A venue that is accessible for attendees is also something to keep in mind, so consider motorway access points, with designated parking to make the event hassle free. Bear in mind these types of venues will likely be in high demand for the space during peak seasons.

Tailored to you

Choose a venue that provides a range of services that a business event requires, ensuring efficiency of the event and simplifying arrangements for the organiser.

Attendees will be impressed if organisers choose quality in-house catering, especially as any dietary requirements or mistakes can be more easily managed.


Plan a strict schedule so that speakers will not overrun, and the event won’t be too long. Research has shown the average British person has an average attention span of just 14 minutes, so it is important to not overload the audience with information.

No matter how small their role is, keep everyone that is involved in the event preparation in the loop. Coordinate the timings of speakers to maintain audience engagement and consider where is best to place intervals for food and refreshments.

Taking this information into consideration will make organising a business conference much more manageable.

At Riverside we offer unique event space that can be tailored to your exact requirements, as well as catering packages and onsite accommodation which includes cottages and glamping pods. The event space itself has panoramic views overlooking the rolling Warwickshire hills and the River Avon, providing the perfect place to help your delegates escape, unwind and keep their focus on your event.

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